Take Back The Crown

Take Back The Crown is a lifestyle brand and movement, based on the documentary film of the same name.

Why Choose Us?

"Take Back The Crown" is a documentary film about the Natural Hair World and the intersection of brands, influencers, stylists, the media and the all of the beautiful women who make it happen. These items help fund the film and also represent how we feel about our natural hair. Take Back The Crown is more than a film, it's a lifestyle and mindstate. Please join us as we learn from each other and explore the natural beauty that we all have inside. Let's "Take Back The Crown"

I love the T shirts and Hoodies..... Sarah G.

Sarah G

About Us

Tasha E.

Store Owner

In 2017, we started filming a documentary about the world of Natural Hair entitled "Take Back The Crown", along this journey I wanted to share our thoughts and what we've learned as we talk to the brands, stylists, influencers and beautiful women of the natural hair movement. We decided to share our designs and also help fund our film. We hope you join us on this journey of discovery as we "Take Back The Crown"